Bibi, 29

Goal: losing weight

At this point, I'd say:

Never again without intermittent fasting!




257 lbs


213 lbs

Brief intro: 


I am Bibi, 29 from the Ruhr area and overweight from childhood. 


How did you come across intermittent fasting and why?


Well, basically it was about losing weight in general. Unfortunately my husband has been overweight since he was little too, and I weighed 257 lbs at the beginning of the year.

We made an appointment with an obesity surgery and both of us signed up for a stomach reduction.


To get this approved, you have to go through a multimodal therapy concept for about 6 months. During this time you have to go for nutritional advice, exercise twice a week, etc. Additionally, you must of course change your eating habits.


In my past I have already tried everything. From WW to low carb and just heating less. Nothing was lasting and in the long run the right thing for me. One-sided nutrition or even foregoing food does not work with my mind set, and in my opinion is not right in the long.

Counting points/calories is also not doable for me with my everyday work schedule.

Which interval do you use and how does it fit into your everyday life?


So I tried intermittent fasting 16/8 on 22.2.19 and did without breakfast.

Since then I usually eat my bread or similar at 11.30 a.m. and eat my last meal around 7-19.30 p.m. 


What changes do you feel?


Since 22.2.19 I have been able to endure intermittent fasting, it is not difficult at all and I have lost 20 kg.


When you think back to your beginnings, what has helped you the most?


In the evening, when my fasting period begins, I brush my teeth so that I don't nibble on the TV and so I haven't gone to bed feeling unwell since the change in diet began. 


And for the future?

At this point, I'd say: Never again without intermittent fasting!