Alexandra, 46

Goal: losing 66 lbs

I had a stroke and high blood pressure six years ago. Due to the decrease my blood pressure has improved a lot, my bones do not hurt anymore and I feel generally much fitter and more vital.


231 lbs


176 lbs



Brief intro: Who are you, what do you do? 


My name is Alexandra Kinzinger, I am 46 years old and 5'7" tall. My start weight was 231 lbs. At the moment my weight is 176 lbs.


How did you come across intermittent fasting and why?


I weighed myself on the scales at the end of August 2019 and it totally scared me. 

The scales showed 231 lbs (105 Kg). I was devastated and thought how can that be possible?! I never had a three digit weight before. I got onto intermittent fasting through Facebook and decided to start it.


What interval do you use and how does it fit into your daily life?


I chose the 16/8 method. I can integrate IF into my everyday life and I feel very comfortable with it. At first (approx. 4-5 days) the fasting was a bit difficult for me. I eat from 10am between 6pm, and to start with it was quite hard. I often woke up at night because I felt hungry, but I stayed strong. I then started to drink a lot of water and peppermint tea, no sugar, and I have no problems now.


What changes do you feel?


I had a stroke 6 years ago and suffered from high blood pressure. Due to the reduced food intake, my blood pressure has improved a lot and I have no more problems with my bones. I generally feel much fitter and more energetic.


What do you like about Fastic?


I enjoy my food again and don't just gulp everything down.

I don't count calories and just eat what I feel like. I try to eat less sweets but every now and then I treat myself to some cake or chocolate.


What are your other goals?


I would like to lose another 10 lbs, and then of course keep the weight. I just feel good with intermittent fasting.